Antioxidant Superstar

What if we told you there was a food out there with more beta carotene than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges and an ORAC value (a measure of antioxidant potential) of more than 25,000 units? You’d think we were pulling your leg, right?

Well, we are not. Such a food does exit; Goji berries. While more than 40 varieties of this berry can be found worldwide, research points to the Tibetan or Himalayan Goji as the most potent. Wild-crafted, pesticide free and hand-picked, Goji berries have long history of medicinal use in Asia and to date, more than 60 scientific studies have been conducted on their therapeutic value.

With this antioxidant punch – plus an array of amino acids, B complex vitamins, vitamin E, essential fatty acids, vision protecting zeaxanthin and other nutrients – Goji berries just may be Mother Nature’s perfect fruit. Dried Goji berries can be eaten whole, added to trailmix, blended in a smoothie, or added to your favourite teas. Look for them in your health food store.

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