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Eating high-fat foods is a lethal habit, second only to smoking in terms of the number of lives it claims. According to one study, a high-fat diet is responsible for some 300,000 deaths each year.

Like smoking, a high-fat diet kills by directly contributing to a host of serious health problems. The strongest evidence links dietary fat to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes. And, of course, there’s obesity, which is a risk factor for many of these diseases.

Research has also identified a high-fat diet as a risk factor for chronic health problems such as hearing loss, osteoarthritis, and-in men-impotence.

“Most Americans who have chronic health problems would not have those problems if they ate a low-fat diet,” says Neal D. Barnard, M.D., president of the Wash­ington, D.C.-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Adding Carbs, Subtracting Fat

In recent years, Americans have trimmed a little fat from their diets. But total fat consumption is still at near-record levels. Not surprisingly, so is obesity.

For years, carbohydrates were vilified as fattening. As it turns out, carbs are actually your friends, your body’s main source of energy.

What’s more, carbohydrates supply fewer calories than fat-4 calories per gram versus 9 calories per gram. So you can actually eat more carbohydrates than fat for the same number of calories. “Fat calories really sneak up on you,” observes Ron Goor, Ph.D., coauthor (with his wife, Nancy) of the Eater’s Choice low-fat cookbooks. “A few handfuls of potato chips has the same number of calories as two medium-size baked potatoes topped with nonfat yogurt and steamed vegetables:”

“If you reduce your fat consumption from the typical 35 to 40 percent of calories to the 10 percent recommended in my program, you can eat one-third more food without increasing your total calorie intake,” adds Dean Ornish, M.D., president of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California, whose ultra low fat diet has been shown to reverse heart disease. “You’ll feel full and satisfied but still lose weight. And you’ll reduce your risk of fat-related diseases:”

No wonder the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest-a Washington, D.C.-based consumer nutrition organization-urge all Americans to reduce their dietary fat intakes. In a joint report,
these groups estimated that if every person cut his fat consumption by one-third (to approximately 20 percent of calories), the nation’s health-care bill would plummet by
$17 billion a year.

Guidelines for Healthful -Eating

To our credit, we Americans are consuming less meat, eggs, and whole milk these days. But in exchange, we’re chowing down on a lot more pizza, french fries, and other fast-food items loaded with hidden fat.

You can take steps to pare down your dietary fat intake and reap the many health benefits of low-fat eating. The process begins with reading nutrition labels. As a general rule, you’re much better off if you select foods that derive no more than 20 percent of calories from fat per serving.

But beware: The serving size may be smaller than what you actually eat, so your fat intake is higher than what’s listed on the label. And don’t be fooled by the percent Daily Value. This figure tells you how much of a day’s worth of fat a food provides. But because it’s based on a hypothetical 2,000-calorie-a-day diet, not on the number of calories in the food itself, it often misrepresents actual fat content.

You can get a more accurate read on a food’s fat content by doing the math your­self. Simply multiply the number of grams of fat per serving by 9, then divide that figure by the number of calories per serving. If the answer is 0.20 (20 percent) or less, then the food is acceptable.

Also, scan labels for the words low fat or nonfat. They can be used only on foods that meet certain criteria for fat content. (A low ­fat food supplies 3 grams or less of fat per serving; a nonfat food, less than 0.5 gram per serving.) Supermarkets now carry literally hundreds of low-fat and nonfat foods. What you see-and taste-just might surprise you.

With some foods, switching from the full­ fat to the low-fat or nonfat variety can take
some getting used to. For example, people who trade in whole milk for nonfat (skim) milk often complain that the latter tastes thin and watery. But after about 6 months of drinking nonfat milk, it tastes fine-and whole milk tastes too rich. “If you keep your fat intake down,” notes John Foreyt, Ph.D., director of the Nutrition Research Clinic at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, “your fat cravings and preferences for fatty foods eventually decline.”

But as with full-fat foods, you must be careful not to overindulge in low-fat and nonfat foods. A study by Barbara J. Rolls, Ph.D., professor of nutrition and bio behavioral health at Pennsylvania State University in University Park, found that people often consume substantially larger amounts of foods that they know are low-fat or nonfat. And that means lots of extra calories-and eventually extra pounds.

Relieve Your Dry Itchy Skin Using Natural Remedies


There are many reasons why skin can become itchy, and dry skin is a common culprit. Cold weather, low humidity, excessive bathing and use of strong soaps can all dry out your skin, leaving it itchy and uncomfortable.

Of course, certain skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis (eczema) can also cause intense skin itch, as can simply getting older. That’s because as we age, skin loses its capacity to produce and retain moisture.

If you suffer from dry, itchy skin, you know that the physical discomfort can be considerable. Scratching not only won’t help… it can further irritate skin, which can lead to an even more intense itch. Cracks in the dry skin caused by scratching also allow bacteria to penetrate the skin, leaving you vulnerable to infection. Luckily, there are steps you can take to break this Cycle” and help get your skin back under control.

Explanation of how dry itchy skin and eczema work

Dry skin is bad enough but when it develops into eczema it can become a torture difficult to bear. In order to handle the problem, it is best if a better understanding is reached as to what are causes of eczema and dry itchy skin.

The outer layer of skin is designed to protect the delicate cells of the deeper layers. This outer layer needs to stay moisturized to protect these deeper layers. In order to keep the moisture from leaving the outer layer of skin, natural oils are produced.

These oils also help keep irritants away from the deeper layers of skin. Regular washing with soap, or exposure to chemicals, can remove these natural oils. When the natural oil is stripped from the outer layer of skin the moisture quickly evaporates leaving dry itchy skin. The deeper layers are now left exposed to harsh damaging substances including detergents, solvents, cleaners, paint and thinners, gardening chemicals, dirt and grease, latex gloves and powder, etc. This makes matters worse and creates a dire need of itchy dry skin treatment

When we use conventional hand lotions and moisturizers, we send the message to the skin saying that it is adequately moisturized, when in fact, it is dehydrated of its natural moisture. The body responds by reducing its production of natural oils and moisture and this in turn makes the dry itchy skin problem worse. People have been known to complain that their skin is drier than before they started using conventional moisturizers for that very reason. Very often, severe cases of dry itchy skin left unresolved could result in eczema with the accompanying added discomfort of itchiness that is almost unbearable.

Here are some herbs that help

Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis) Oil

Evening primrose seed oil (EPO) is used primarily to relieve the itchiness associated with certain skin conditions, including eczema. Results of studies regarding EPO for eczema are mixed. Similar to GLA an omega-6 fatty acid that is derived from EPO, whether EPO relieves the symptoms of eczema may be very individual. Talk to your healthcare provider to decide if it is safe and worthwhile for you to try EPO for your eczema.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Known mainly for its relaxing effects to aid with anxiety and insomnia, some herbal specialists prescribe oral lavender for skin conditions like eczema. In one study of topical lavender, however, children with eczema who received massage with or without lavender oil applied to the skin both did well. In other words, the improvement in the rash was related to the massage – whether lavender oil was used or not seemed to make no difference. To the extent that eczema is worsened by stress, it is possible that lavender adds some benefit by helping you relax.


Herbs that have been used traditionally to treat eczema are listed below. A naturopathic doctor or other herbal specialist might recommend one or more of these remedies after evaluating you and your eczema.

German chamomile (Matricaria recutita) – may reduce inflammation and speed wound healing
Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea) – applied topically for wound healing; has anti-inflammatory properties
Red clover (Trifolium pratense) – has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used as an ointment for this skin condition

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) – The Fountain of Youth

As the name implies, the role of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is to regulate the development and maintenance of the important functions of your body. HGH pituitary gland responsible for production and secretion of human growth hormone is the master hormone in our body that controls the production of the other entire hormone.

Slowdown in the production of this hormone is associated with aging in the body very closely. Aging process, physical function (they are a function of other systems and skeletal, circulatory, nervous, hormone, or) begins with a gradual degeneration. Body will start to lose the ability to repair itself and maintain. The end result is reduced ability to work away from, to look aged.

It allows you to slow the aging process in these cases, and to increase the level of HGH scientific has been proven that it may even reverse to some extent. Of course, you like that lifestyle changes are essential if you want to look younger and more physical activity, and other requirements. The ultimate goal, you will need to change the quality of life. If you do not have it ready for you to make these changes to expect a rise in hormone levels for the recovery of “youth” might be unrealistic.

As mentioned above, HGH is the master hormone that controls production of other hormones of the body literally. Hormone of the “other” that is associated with the function of these various systems of the body. Depletion of HGH level will affect the hormone production of the “other” of these automatically.

As we work to enhance the level of hormone in your body, you get a starting point for the production of other hormones. Let’s take a look at some of the most important benefit.

Skin: the skin is facing the onslaught pollution constantly, attacks against the ultraviolet rays from the sun, such as extreme weather events, such as smoking habits, etc., HGH, in order to reduce the wrinkles in its effects, to strengthen the body’s repair mechanism You.

Can You Lose Weight with Diet Pills?

If you are like many people today, you find that weight management is a difficult task. No matter what you try, it seems like that extra body fat is there to stay and at this point you have all but given up on making changes. Of course, then you see this ad for a new weight loss supplement and you wonder if it could really work. If diet pills are the answer though, then why are so many people still overweight? To help you determine your next course of action, here are some things you should keep in mind.

What Happens When Diet and Exercises Fails?

Weight loss can only be accomplished in one way. Your body must burn away more calories than it needs to maintain its current weight. The amount of calories you need can vary greatly though and it is affected by a wide variety of circumstances. Genetics can change your natural body shape, metabolism can affect how many calories you burn, exercise, diet, and many other factors play their part. This is why one person might be able to simply cut out some calories and add in a short workout and they lose weight. Meanwhile, you are struggling with a strict diet and a difficult workout program and getting nowhere. So, where do these supplements come into play?

How Do Diet Pills Change This?

Diet pills work in a few different ways. Most of them focus on achieving more than one outcome, with the primary focus resting on either boosting the metabolism and burning fat or on diminishing the appetite so you eat less. Naturally, this works with the body’s system just as normal weight loss would, which is why it can help certain people achieve greater results.


Which Pills Work the Best?

Typically speaking, the best diet pills are those that target a wide array of different areas. While many just diminish appetite or boost metabolism, others do both of these and more. In fact, some pills today look to combine a wide variety of natural ingredients to yield results. Often times, these tend to be the most powerful ones as they give your body the most chances. If you end up eating less and increasing your metabolism it is great, but those extra benefits are what really does it. For instances, pills like Phen375 actually use an ingredient that imitates HCG, the natural chemical in the body that helps transport fat into the blood, effectively yielding greater fat loss and less muscle loss.

Getting Through Side Effects

Of course, because you start using any diet pills you must consider fully the various side effects that you might have to endure. Some of the most powerful supplements also come with a wide array of these effects and since many use stimulants those who have heard conditions should definitely consult with their doctor before trying. In general, there are an array of side effects that can come alongside results, but if you choose the right ones you should be on your way to weight loss with minimal to know negative effects as a result.

The Skin and Makeup Institute – where professionals are trained for the aesthetic industry

The aesthetic industry is an ever growing and blooming industry off late. With more and more numbers of people seeking aesthetic services at spas, salons, resorts and other places, demands for professionals in the field are increasing by leaps and bounds. Infact medical and entertainment industry is also being integrally linked to the aesthetic industry now. This is the reason career opportunities are opening up really fast in this industry. People who are well trained in offering these services to customers are making good career in the field with opportunities of working with reputed brands and international collaborations.

About The Skin and Makeup Institute

The Skin and Makeup Institute is a place where courses on all kinds of beauty related things are offered to prepare individuals for the aesthetic industry. The staffs and the educators in the institute are duly trained in their profiles and they know how much hard work and dedication is required to become a true professional in the aesthetic industry. Through the institute, qualified students get due training so that they can be hired by the best companies in the aesthetics industry. Along with theoretical classes, practical classes and hands on training sessions are also offered to students so that they have overall complete experience in the whole matter. As a result students get prepared for diverse positions that are offered in the industry.

Featured classes offered at The Skin and Makeup Institute

There are different kinds of featured classes, which are offered by The Skin and Makeup Institute. They are as follows:

  1. Aesthetics for Medical Office – As is evident from the name of the class, students are trained for getting employment in medical sector with this aesthetic training program. Demands of attaining aesthetic perfection are increasing and hence dermatologists, plastic surgeons, reconstructive surgeons etc are trying and adding professional skincare services to their list of offered services. With an aesthetician, levels of customer satisfaction are really high. There is also a Laser Technician Program which can be done after completion of this course program.
  2. 600 Hour Aesthetics Program – In the 600-hour Aesthetics’ Program, there is coverage on various kinds of treatments and techniques with wide range of knowledge in all fields. Through this program, it is possible to understand the internal mechanism and functioning of the skin. Various kinds of spa and salon techniques are taught in the program so that professionals get ready for offering body and facial treatments, which help in rectifying various skin disorders. Written tests, mock tests, practical exams are taken before giving certification from the institute.
  3. Monthly Specials – Monthly special programs are offered for interested candidates at different times of the year. Discounts are offered for customers during these special times for availing various kinds of skincare services.
  4. Professional Makeup Artistry – Professional makeup is an art and at The Skin and Makeup Institute, the skill is honed by professionals. The business as well as creative aspects of the makeup industry is covered in the course. Instructors offering these courses are highly experienced and have working experience in doing makeup for music videos, films, magazines, runway shows etc. On completion of the course, the student can join somewhere as full time makeup artist or look for professional freelance makeup opportunities.

Seeking admission for the training programs and the courses

Morning as well as evening classes are offered by The Skin and Makeup Institute. Before the admission, there is an enrollment meeting, which lasts for 30 minutes. Once that is complete, the enrollment application form needs to be filled out and the funding options have to be decided. Submit all the necessary and required documents. Give your career the much required boost for entering the aesthetic industry with the above mentioned course programs.

5 Important Ways Vitamins Benefit Women Over 40

A healthy diet is essential for women of any age. But as a woman gets older, her nutrition requirements would change, and some vitamins and minerals become more important than the others at that age.

Even though a healthy and balanced diet should be the main focus of women over 40 years of age, there are certain vitamin supplements that they need to take in order to maintain their vitality. This article provides information on 5 ways vitamins benefit women over 40 years of age.


Calcium is an important nutrient for strong bones and teeth throughout the lifetime of a person.

But as a woman reaches the age of 35-40 years, she will experience a one percent bone loss per year. Hence, it is important to increase your calcium intake under such circumstances. The best way to increase your calcium intake is to increase the consumption of broccoli, dairy products, fortified orange juice, green leafy vegetables. But if you cannot do this, you have to go for a calcium supplement to meet your daily calcium requirements.


Magnesium is another essential nutrient for women over 40 years of age. In fact, magnesium has many functions in the body, but their role in bone health cannot be underestimated at any time. Magnesium is important for bone formation as well as balancing the concentrations of vitamin D and various hormones in the body. It is also important to prevent the occurrence of bone loss that comes with old age. That is why you need to increase the intake of magnesium when you reach the age of 35-40 years. Some of the magnesium-rich foods are broccoli, spinach, beans, dairy products, cashews, almonds, and fortified cereals. If not, you may have to rely on a magnesium supplement to fulfill the daily requirements of magnesium.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for your body to absorb calcium. You are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis and other bone diseases when the vitamin D levels are low in your body. Sunlight, eggs, fish, fortified milk, and cereals are some of the best sources of vitamin D. Folate is one of the most important B vitamins essential for every woman over 40 years of age. It is considered a great cure for depression that is prevalent in most women over 40. Also, restoring the folate levels in women over 40 can help prevent birth complications in post-40 mothers. The latest research shows that sufficient levels of folate can reduce the risk of cognitive decline associated with aging. That is why it is important that you opt for a folate supplement when you are over 40 years of age.

Wrapping it all up

In conclusion, a healthy and balanced diet is essential for women of any age. But it becomes more important when one starts aging. When a woman reaches the age of 40 years, her nutrient requirements will change. In fact, she may require more of some vitamins than the others. The above article provides information on 5 ways vitamins benefit women over 40.

Author Bio:

Trysh Sutton is a wife, mother, attorney, interior decorator, strategic leader and teacher. She has an eye for business, innovation and perfection – and a desire to help her family, her friends and herself live a healthy and happy life. She runs a blog about how to live happier and healthier, called Pure Path.

10 Best Healthy Snacks You Should Be Eating

When it comes to snacks what comes to mind to you? Are you reaching for the chips or a bowl of berries? Do you look at food labels or are you more interested in how much the item costs? Believe it or not, eating healthy does not have to cost a lot if you know what to buy and where to but it. From snacks to dinner there are plenty of healthy eats that you can be selecting from. If only you had a list to pick from to help you choose those healthy eats. According to an article on Fitness the ten best healthy foods that you should be eating are as follows:

  1. Lemons: have lots of vitamin C and could prevent the growth of cancer cells.
  2. Broccoli: filled with vitamin K so much that one stalk is more than double your daily dose and also helps to prevent cancer cells from developing.
  3. Dark Chocolate: can help to reduce blood pressure and is also rich in antioxidants.
  4. Potatoes: especially the red ones because they contain cell-building folate while the sweet ones contain eight times the dose of cancer fighting vitamin A.
  5. Salmon: full of omega-3 fatty acids for fighting cancer, heart disease, and depression as well as a daily dose of niacin which could combat memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.
  6. Walnuts: contain more omega-3 fatty acids than anything else which helps to reduce cholesterol and also fight off cancer.
  7. Avocados: full of vitamins rich in lowering cholesterol and fiber that helps to reduce your risk of heart disease.
  8. Garlic: powerful fighter that inhibits the growth of bacteria and also contains allicin which is an anti-inflammatory to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
  9. Spinach: acts to boost the immune system and good for your eyes. It has also been discovered that spinach is the best cancer-fighting veggie out there.
  10. Beans: lower your risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

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What Are Creatine Supplements?

Creatine supplements are nowadays really popular in the world of athletes. Creatine is basically a chemical we normally find inside our body, with most of it being present in the muscles and some in the brain. We do see it in our diet in seafood and red meat. Obviously since we talk about supplements, creatine can be created in the laboratory.


The reason why people normally look at the top 10 creatine supplements 2017 and already plan their diet for next year is that this substance is very useful in increasing muscle mass and improving exercise performance. We have to acknowledge the fact we are talking about one of the most common of absolutely all the muscle building supplements used by both athletes and regular individuals that just want to train. Just think about the fact we are faced with a 2.7 billion dollars industry in the US with nutritional supplements and most of the sports ones include creatine.

Creatine Efficiency

There are many effects that creatine may have and that we do not know much about as not many studies were done but what we do know is the efficiency associated with the following:

  • Athletic Performance

Creatine efficiency is affected by many different things ranging from dosage to user age. When looking at the aerobic exercises, performance will not be improved. The same thing can be said about performance improvements for the highly trained athletes and endurance training. Creatine loading is normally more effective according to different studies. The performance increases are going to be visible in the event we talk about people that are physically active. No real benefits appear when no exercising exists.

  • Creatine Metabolizing Problems

There are people that have problems in metabolizing creatine. In this case we have low creatine content inside the brain. Unfortunately, in this situation we can end up with seizures, autism, various movement disorders and even mental retardation. Creatine supplementation is going to be highly necessary in this case but the treatment is really lengthy. Good results appear after years. Also, the effect is small when referring to younger adults and children.

Buying Creatine Supplements

Nowadays, most people look online for discounts like with coupons. This is a great idea since prices are lower but we have to highlight the fact that creatine supplements or supplements that include creatine are not created equal. There can be huge differences based on how much is included and what other substances are added to the mix.

Make sure that you think about why you want to buy the creatine supplements in the first place. In most situations you do not want to take just creatine. You will need other substances that should be added to the diet. Think about this and see if the ingredients list includes all that is necessary. Also, never buy supplements that are not checked and approved by the FDA. It is quite difficult to be sure what you buy from the internet is legit so remain focused on the manufacturers. Some are known for offering quality. These are the ones you want to buy from.