5 Important Ways Vitamins Benefit Women Over 40

A healthy diet is essential for women of any age. But as a woman gets older, her nutrition requirements would change, and some vitamins and minerals become more important than the others at that age.

Even though a healthy and balanced diet should be the main focus of women over 40 years of age, there are certain vitamin supplements that they need to take in order to maintain their vitality. This article provides information on 5 ways vitamins benefit women over 40 years of age.


Calcium is an important nutrient for strong bones and teeth throughout the lifetime of a person.

But as a woman reaches the age of 35-40 years, she will experience a one percent bone loss per year. Hence, it is important to increase your calcium intake under such circumstances. The best way to increase your calcium intake is to increase the consumption of broccoli, dairy products, fortified orange juice, green leafy vegetables. But if you cannot do this, you have to go for a calcium supplement to meet your daily calcium requirements.


Magnesium is another essential nutrient for women over 40 years of age. In fact, magnesium has many functions in the body, but their role in bone health cannot be underestimated at any time. Magnesium is important for bone formation as well as balancing the concentrations of vitamin D and various hormones in the body. It is also important to prevent the occurrence of bone loss that comes with old age. That is why you need to increase the intake of magnesium when you reach the age of 35-40 years. Some of the magnesium-rich foods are broccoli, spinach, beans, dairy products, cashews, almonds, and fortified cereals. If not, you may have to rely on a magnesium supplement to fulfill the daily requirements of magnesium.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for your body to absorb calcium. You are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis and other bone diseases when the vitamin D levels are low in your body. Sunlight, eggs, fish, fortified milk, and cereals are some of the best sources of vitamin D. Folate is one of the most important B vitamins essential for every woman over 40 years of age. It is considered a great cure for depression that is prevalent in most women over 40. Also, restoring the folate levels in women over 40 can help prevent birth complications in post-40 mothers. The latest research shows that sufficient levels of folate can reduce the risk of cognitive decline associated with aging. That is why it is important that you opt for a folate supplement when you are over 40 years of age.

Wrapping it all up

In conclusion, a healthy and balanced diet is essential for women of any age. But it becomes more important when one starts aging. When a woman reaches the age of 40 years, her nutrient requirements will change. In fact, she may require more of some vitamins than the others. The above article provides information on 5 ways vitamins benefit women over 40.

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