Can You Build Muscle with Organic Plant Based Protein Powder?

Despite what meat eaters constantly claim, there are plenty of ways to get protein as a vegetarian or vegan. Eating healthy means you eat a well-balanced diet and many vegetables actually have more protein than you might think. Of course, those interested in building muscle might want to look into an organic plant based protein powder to help them enhance their results. Before you go thinking there is no good option out there, you need to hear about spirulina.

The Truth about Protein
The one truth that the meat industry doesn’t want you to know is that your body doesn’t really need as much protein as you might think. Yes, you do need those essential amino acids in your diet, but many nutritionists today are recognizing that muscle is not so much based on the amount of protein but actually the other nutrients and quality of amino acids you get. In this way, vegetable-based protein is much more effective in building muscle tissue, so less is often more. Rather than worrying about loading up on your body weight in grams of protein, you can consume much less and still build healthy muscles.

Can You Build Muscle with Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

Spirulina – Nature’s Protein Superfood
When it comes to healthy protein powders, you won’t find many options out there that can stand up against spirulina. Also called blue-green algae, this powerful, natural powder packs quite a bit of protein into the mix. Perhaps more important than this, it comes fortified with B12, an essential vitamin that will help to keep your energy levels high. It has been used to help improve fatigue, prevent anemia, and is even known to clear the body of arsenic. If you have a genetic history of heart issues, you can also rest a bit easier taking this powder, as it helps treat and manage these conditions as well.

Other Vegan Protein Sources
In addition to the powder effects of this organic plant based protein powder, there are actually a variety of other vegan sources that can actually provide quite a bit of protein. Almonds are one easy way to get the protein you need, providing almost as much protein per ounce as beef. If you are interested in something even healthier, hemp seeds are a great option to consider as well and they provide even more protein per ounce than beef does, making them a real game-changer for vegan body builders.

Using Organic Plant Based Protein Powder
Of course, for the average person who is just trying to improve his or her health and work with a natural alternative, there are few options that can compare to spirulina. The protein is just one of the many great benefits that comes with this superfood and once you make the powder part of your daily routine you will see why so many have come to trust it as their go-to supplement. If you want an organic plant based protein powder that will give you everything you need for exercise perform, you should definitely pick up some of this spirulina.

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