Bach Flower Remedies

Of the several variations on herbal ism, one of the best known is the system of Dr. Edward Bach, an English bacteriologist and homeopath who created and used flower essences as an alternative to conventional drug remedies. His preparations were made by immersing flowers in water and then exposing this combination to heat or to sunlight He believed that these essences, individually and in combination, would restore the mental and emotional balance essential for physical well being.

The best known of the Bach concoctions is the Rescue Remedy, a combination of five different formulas, which is reserved for especially trying situations such as the death of a loved one. Other Bach remedies include agrimony to relieve anxiety, impatiens to reduce emotional irritability; and a combi­nation of larch, holly, and mustard flower essences for asthma.

Since Bach’s death in 1936, several practitioners in the United States have developed comparable remedies The best known among these is a group called the 72 Flower Essence Society (FES), whose products are based on flowers native to California.

Flower essences are sold in small bottles with eye droppers fmm which a drop or two is usually placed under the tongue at specified times. The drops can be found in many health food stores, and are also available from mail order catalogs.

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