Beef Up with a Meaty Diet

When you lift weights it’s important to eat well to compliment your body building.  One of the most important nutrients that is sought after by those seeking to gain muscle is protein. There’s a very good reason for the lust for protein as it actually helps to promote muscles to repair themselves when they’re damaged through hard workouts and it also works to reduce the need to overeat. Finally, protein rich meats and vegetables also increase the body’s ability to burn calories.


A Great Addition to a Body Builders Diet

Meats with high levels of protein are perfect when you’re heavy training. There’s one excellent source that are worth adding to your diet. Beef is not only delicious it’s also packed full of the proteins that we’re made of too.  Beef comes in many cuts, so you can mix up your meals and cook it in many different ways, so there’s no need to worry about getting bored with your diet.

Different Cuts of Beef

There are many cuts to choose from but you will need to find a great source to ensure you’re getting good quality meat. Here are some of the best steak cuts that are going to improve your menus and your muscles too:

Porterhouse Steak

When it comes to steaks the porterhouse is the king. It’s not just one steak; it’s two, so it’s a big meal to consume. One side is a New York strip and the other is a fillet mignon. It’s thick and it can be cooked in many ways, but it’s always best when grilled. While this is the king of steaks it’s not ideal to eat on a regular basis.

T-Bone Steak

The T-bone steak gets its name because of the bone that’s shaped in a T. It’s a smaller size compared with the porterhouse but it does look quite similar. The meat contains less of the tenderloin and it cooks slower simply because the meat is next to the bone. Medium rare is the perfect way to eat your T-bone.

Top Sirloin

Lean meat is beneficial when eating to compliment your body building as it doesn’t contain as much fat as some of the other cuts. It’s important not to get top sirloin mixed with sirloin as there are no tenderloin or round muscles. If you’re fed up of eating steaks you can do something different with top sirloin, cut it into cubes and put it on skewers with some vegetables, it will be delicious!

The Flank

One of the most popular cuts of beef is the flank. The flavour is delicious as it’s helped by the connective tissue. As it cooks the connective tissues add amazing flavour but it can result in less tender meats. Marinating the flank is a great way of adding even more flavour and it’s always served cut across the grain.

Feed your body and get ripped by adding beef and other high protein meat into your diet.  Balance the meat with a variety of vegetables, fruits and dairy and you’ll be in fantastic shape in no time.

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