Choose The Perfect Multi-vitamin Supplement

Multivitamin supplements provide a wide range of essential and non-essential nutrients and vitamins for the body. A nutritional multivitamin supplement gives you sufficient vitamins to reach the amount of nutrients recommended by doctors. These multivitamin tablets help prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies and are taken by many, although often hardly any multivitamin supplement facts are known.

Multivitamins can help prevent vitamin deficiencies as they supply the body with every needed nutrient and will help the body stay healthy, taken every day, you are sure to receive every needed nutrient.Multivitamins can provide an excellent daily basis of nutrients but can and should in now way replace our daily intake of vegetables, fruit and carbohydrates. A healthy and balanced diet will have all these necessary nutrients included. After periods of illness or surgery, or a stressful period, the body may have used up reserves of vitamins and in that case supplements can be helpful.

There are several different kinds and brands of widely used vitamin supplements, some of which are:


Centrum, makers of (multi)vitamins, have marketed a vitamin for every need, such as vitamins specifically geared towards the eyes, the heart, concentration and energy. Their centrum supplement vitamin products are not suitable for diabetics and are available in any pharmacy or health shop. The Centrum multivitamin also includes all antioxidants that the body may need. Antioxidants help keep the organs healthy and stimulate digestion but most of all antioxidants help to slowdown the ageing process.


This multivitamin supplement (Theragran-M) has added minerals. The brand has developed a special multivitamin for people suffering from stress containing more B-vitamins and vitamin C to keep the body’s resistance levels up.

Theragran also offer a nutritional multivitamin supplement solution to pollution with their special multivitamin tablets geared towards people living in highly polluted cities. B-vitamins and antioxidants in high doses provide extra energy and protection from everyday air pollution and stress caused by traffic and smog in bigger cities. By exercising more and protecting ourselves against disease and pollution stress with a healthy diet boasting fresh vegetables and fruits, and not to forget citrus fruits providing lots of vitamin C, we can nourish ourselves with plenty of vitamins to withstand the threats of everyday city life.


Vi-Daylin offers several different kinds of multivitamins, a special formula with added iron for women with heavy menstrual periods, and even some kinds with added fluoride for healthy teeth. Vi-Daylin vitamins syrup is a multivitamin suitable for children and infants, offering the best multivitamin care available for children. Do consult your paediatrician before administering high doses of multivitamins to children as this might not always be beneficial.

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