Flower Remedy to the Rescue

If you or a family member suffers a minor concussion, or a wicked tennis ball to the head or similar sports injury, you might try a flower­ based medicine known as Rescue Remedy. Developed by Edward Bach about 100 years ago, flower remedies are not quite herbal and not quite homeopathic. Yet they combine the flower essences and pure water into medicine.

Rescue Remedy is a combination of five such flower remedies, and it is one of the most commonly cited treatments in the first-aid kits of herbalists and naturopaths. It has even been known to help people who have suffered shock. Follow directions on the eye-dropper bottle. The remedy is available at most health food and natural food stores, as well as herb shops.

Note: Neurologists believe there’s no such thing as a “slight” concussion. Head injuries are serious and should be diagnosed appropriately.

Magnetic Infrared Therapy for Pain Relief

Much more advanced in Japan than in the US, magnetic therapy-using small magnets to effect changes in energy in the body-has been shown to offer relief to patients who have suffered concussions and other forms of serious head trauma. The common treatment requires the patient to sleep on a mattress that has waferlike magnets stitched into the fabric.

Often used in combination with “far infrared” light, the two modalities purportedly complement one another to change the flow of lymph and other bodily fluids to speed healing.

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