Effective Ways to Increase Sperm Count

When it comes to male fertility several myths exists and these are to be avoided. One myth is that the woman is usually the cause of infertility in couples. In truth it is a 50-50 split between men and women. Another myth is that sperm health is synonymous with sperm count. A healthy sperm count is vital for sperm health but there are several other sperm parameters that matter.

Male Fertility is Complex

Male fertility is complex just like female fertility. Several variables affect sperm health. Sperm count is the number of sperm that should be present in a given volume of sample. The benchmark is 20 million sperm per milliliter in a sample of 2 milliliters. Using the SpermCheck Fertility test you can determine if the sperm count is in the normal range.

Most doctors recommend regular sex to conceive. However the timing of sex is also a factor in conception just like the frequency of sex. If you increase the time interval between occasions of sex you automatically boost sperm count.

Other Parameters

There are other parameters beyond sperm count that make up sperm health. Sperm must be able to swim forward in a sustained manner. Their shape must be normal and they must have endurance, speed and longevity. These factors make up sperm motility. Normal sperm shape (morphology) is important as well. Count, motility and shape may be affected by genetics, infections, smoking and stress.

Increasing Sperm Count

To increase sperm count you need to give up bad habits like illicit use of drugs, smoking and alcohol. Switch to a high protein diet and cut down on unnatural processed foods. Eat plenty of vegetables and whole grains and less of fats. Eat as much of organic foods as possible. Regular exercise is recommended. This reduces the stress hormones that can cause damage to sperm. Getting in shape benefits your fertility. Over exercise is detrimental to sperm health and see that no strain is imposed on the testicles.

Yoga, tai-chi and meditation reduce stress and are beneficial for increasing sperm count. Consult a good doctor for more advice. If your sperm count issue has been documented then time and regulate the frequency of sex. Sperm count is highest in the morning this means it may be a good idea to have sex in the mornings and afternoons. Heat is bad for sperm health. Wear loose underwear and make available a cool climate for the sperm.


FertilAid is a great way to boost sperm health. For sperm health antioxidants like Vitamin C and E, amino acids like L Carnitine and minerals like Selenium and Zinc are very healthy. According to a recent clinical study, both sperm count and motility were increased by FertilAid.

L-carnitine (red meat and milk), Folic Acid (whole grains) and L-arginine (nuts, sesame seeds, eggs and meat) have been found to be very beneficial to sperm health. Have sex and masturbate less often. Eat the right kinds of food for optimum sperm health. Remove the heat by sleeping naked if you can for great sperm health. These tips are not important solely for parents who are willing to conceive a baby but occasional sperm bank donors can also find them beneficial. Whatever your aim is be sure to follow them if you want to boost your fertility.

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