Massage Healing

When you accept that massage can heal the body, it helps of undetstand how healing takes place. Massage can have immediate benefits for the healthy individuals but if a person is ill, recovery takes time. Massage therapists have identified four stages in the, healing process.

Relief : The first few treatment sessions relieve pain, reduce tension and sedate stressed nerves. They do not necessarily solve the problems, but ease the symptoms so that you feel better.

Correction: When the pain has been relieved the therapist can work on the underlying cause to prevent the problem’s return. Correctional work involves returning muscles, decongesting a sluggish lymph system, or freeing knotted or scarred fibres.

Strengthening: This is important in a badly damaged area. Weaknesses at injury site can mean recurring problems in the future. For example, sports injuries can cause problems long after they have healed if the tissues around them have been weakened by the injury and a long period of recuperation. Massage can strengthen the surrounding tissues enabling them to provide adequate support when the injury has healed.

MaintenanceThis is both the final stage of healing and the first step in preventative care. Therapists recommend occasional massaging treatments to keep problems at bay and prevent any annoying health problems from becoming major health issues.

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