Stretch Mark Surgery: A Modern Way to Remove Stretch Marks

Skin is the organ which covers the whole of the body. But the marks produced on it are the major blemish that damages the skin and destroy its texture and beauty. These are the marks which are called stretch marks. There occur stretches in the skin to accommodate the enlargement of the body caused by a certain development or during the weight gain or growth. The skin has elastic nature, and therefore it stretches when required. But it can stretch only up to a certain limit and after that it breaks down. It can easily be noticed during the period of pregnancy. Some would have plastic surgery to firm skin but there are other ways to treat this.

Pregnancy is not the only cause for the occurrence of stretch marks. Stretch marks may occur also due to obesity, hormonal and genetic problems, the stretch on the skin in the process of growth, the intake of chemical based medicines while suffering from a disease for a long time, and deficiency in essential minerals and vitamins.

Once these stretch marks occur, people think that now they will have to live the whole of life with these marks only. But it’s not like that nowadays there are many ways of removing these marks. One can consult a doctor or dermatologist and get a cure very easily. Those who don’t want to go to a doctor can use home remedies or some good stretch mark cream available in the market. However, if one tries hard but fails to get rid of it, one need not be disappointed, as stretch mark surgery is also possible in this age of modern science.

Laser Stretch Mark Surgery

The laser surgery is very expensive and it is not possible for all to afford it. Many doctors believe that laser surgery is the best solution to get rid of stretch marks. But most physician and surgeons don’t support this belief which has no valid evidence. They say that the surgeries have been successful in removing stretch marks but they were not laser stretch mark surgery. They have a very contrary opinion and say that lasers are inefficient in curing this problem.

Actually lasers are a coherent beam of light that contain extreme energy and break down tissues quite efficiently. But there is no evidence of the fact that lasers have been successful in building up tissues. Therefore laser stretch mark treatment is no solution to this problem.

However, it has been seen that laser stretch mark surgery does work, if it is taken in the early stage of the problem. At the same time it must be seen that the color of the marks is dark red or brown. If it is compared with the tummy tuck surgery which another kind of surgery for this problem, the latter is more successful.

The Tummy Tuck Surgery

The tummy tuck refers to the abdominal plastic surgery which is very popular and is recommended by most doctors across the world today. In this surgery, the stomach wall is made tighter by doing away with excess overweight and skin in the region of the tummy. And this is acclaimed quite successfully.

Thus, it can be said that if the application of cream or oil along with the intake of required pills comes to no effect, one should not waver to undergo the tummy tuck surgery which is a proven means of cure to the stretch marks.

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