Ways to Cure Finger Warts

Frustrated with the benign skin growth on your hands that just wouldn’t go? Tired with the need to hide your hands away because of these disagreeable warts? If you are weighed down by the awkwardness of a common wart on your hands, you do not need to be completely disheartened. As frustrating they are because these stubborn little bumps are difficult to treat, you are not completely helpless against the common warts. There are certain ways which can help you get rid of the little demons.

Type and Causes of Hand Warts
Before attempting to get rid of your wart, you have to be sure which type of wart you have. There are mainly three types of warts, common, plantar and flat, the type that usually grows on the fingers and hands are common warts, grown often on the area where the skin is broken. They are also sometimes called ‘seed warts’. HPV, a type of virus, is usually attributed to the occurrence of warts in the skin.

How to Treat Warts
If you want to get rid of warts you have to be patient as they can take quite some time which could mean anywhere from a week to years. For any wart that are stubborn and do not respond treatments, you should consult a doctor.Ways to Cure Finger Warts

Over the counter wart remover: Most common over the counter remedy is salicylic acid or freezing the wart using dimethyl ether. Salicylic acid can be used in the form of gel, invisible strip or a solution, whichever is convenient. Freeze treatment may cause a little discomfort and may require a few treatments but can be very effective.

Home remedies: Use of a duct tape is the most simple and effective wart removal home remedy, which involves covering the wart completely by a duct tape leaving it for a few days. After removing the tape the affected area is then soaked in warm water and scrubbed using an emery board or pumic stone. It is a painless method and warts can be removed permanently with the repeated procedure for about 6 months.

Natural wart removal: Apple-cider vinegar and lime juice can be applied on warts for weeks until they are removed completely. Since, warts are caused by a virus, boosting your immunity with balanced diet and regular exercise will also help keeping warts at bay.

Other methods are covering the wart with Vitamin C or Vitamin E, applying tea tree oil or castor oil, covering in garlic or covering in baking powder.

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