Why is Nail Fungus Tough to Beat?

Mycosis a fungal infection is a common condition affecting the skin and the lungs. The fungi spreads in the air with the help of tiny spores which when inhaled from the air or when these fungi’s fall on the skin they affect people who have a low immune system causing infection though most of these fungi’s are harmless.

Reason for being attacked by nail fungus

A fungus or a microorganism known as dermatophytes attacks the skin when there is a cut on the nail bed, most of the times this cut goes unnoticed which further deepens due to constant pressure from the shoes you are wearing or sometimes due to the in grown nails etc. These microorganisms reproduce rapidly in the humid atmosphere due to lack of air circulation aggravating the problem.

The early signs of nail fungal infection are a slight discoloration of the fingernail or the toenail as they tend to develop yellow or white spots under the nail tips. As the infection increases there is further discoloration of the entire nail making it thicker and brittle. In some cases the infected nail causes a lot of pain.

 nail fungal infection

Mode of nail fungus treatment

Is the nail a breeding ground for these microorganisms or fungus?

Most of the funguses grow in dark and humid places. These funguses are parasites devoid of chlorophyll. The human foot is the place for these parasites to thrive as it is directly exposed to climatic changes. Often it has been seen that nail fungus infects a person with sweaty feet, working near swimming pools and wet houses. Nail fungus disorder also affects people with a weak immune system.

There are various kinds of mycoses like the subcutaneous mycoses and cutaneous mycoses but then to treat a person affected by nail fungus infection is very tough. The nail plate protects the fungus acting like a shield preventing direct sunlight, trapping moisture and creating an environment on which the fungus can easily thrive on. This nail plate also prevents the direct contact of the medication on the infected area further increasing the infection.

Due to the pain and non availability of proper topical treatment people believe in getting rid of the infected nail plate with the help of surgery. The removal of the nail plate does not solve the problem as the infection still remains in the nail bed. The need to use anti-fungal nail solution or oral medications for a long period of time is important.

What are the chances of re-infection?

Most of the anti-fungal treatments available in the market don’t guarantee permanent cure to help get rid of the infection as there are chances of re-occurrence of the infection.

If you are suffering from nail infection then you need to take extra care to build up your immune system by eating good and healthy food, exercising is also important. Eating yoghurt is the best home remedy to increase your resistance power to fight against the fungus.

The need to wear protective footwear is important; avoid walking on the floor with bare feet especially when using public baths, gyms, pools, showers etc. Washing your hands and feet with anti fungal soap and drying them are the best way to avoid the spread of the infection.

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