How does being -hard of hearing Differ from -being deaf?

In simple words, you can easily define both terms that are hard of hearing and deaf. Many factors are different in terms of causes, symptoms, and treatments. The doctor explains this term at the levels of degrees of hearing. The word hard of hearing means that you can listen to use sounds or you have the capability of hearing useful sounds. In this term, you are completely deaf. You can hear the sound, which is in high pitch, and you can use devices that will help you to hear the noises on a normal volume level.

On the other hand, if you see the term deaf, you can hear any noises around you, whether it is in a high pitch or low pitch. You lose the complete ability to hearing the sounds. As the study says, if you lose one sense, then your other senses will become stronger, and it will enhance your capabilities too. You can also do some treatments in this term, which will help you to hear again. There are plenty of treatments that will help to restore your hearing loss, but many treatments carry associated risks, besides the recovery index to regain hearing is very minimal.

According to the WHO, it is found that more than five percent of the world’s population has some hearing issues like hard to hearing and deaf. You can also differentiate these terms on the degree of the hearing trail.

Following are four types of degrees of hearing for the differentiation –

  • Mild degree:

On this degree of hearing, you can not hear low voices or subtle voices, hard to listen to sounds to be able to understand

  • Moderate degree:

On this degree, it is really hard to hear people’s voices or speech on the normal pitch.

  •  Severe degree:

 You cannot hear normal level voices.

  •  Profound degree:

 You can only hear loud noises in a high pitch.

Deafness will be categorized in the profound degree level. Sometimes deaf people can hear little noises or none at all. You can talk with deaf people in many different sign languages—the popular expression for deaf people named as American Sign Language or lip-reading. Several symptoms are observed in deaf people, as well as who have a problem with hearing. The “deafness” or “the ability to hear” or “hard to hear” terms are also associated notably in the children and babies who exhibit the major symptoms.

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